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A premium version of PUBG Companion

PUBG Companion+ offers additional features to customise the bot to meet your server's needs.

Custom stats background

Custom stats background

Customise the background for your server!
• Use any image you want as a background server-wide
• Choose between light or dark stats boxes
• Wide range of supported image formats: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, svg...

Custom role ranking system

Custom role ranking system

Customise the roles ranking system completely!
• Ability to add additional roles to the system (maximum of 12 roles)
• Ability to remove roles to reduce the number of roles in the system
• Customise the points on each role to your liking
• All configurations are done via an interactive menu like `p!setup`

Custom bot prefix

Custom bot prefix

Customise the bot's prefix
• Custom prefix is on a per-server basis
• Maximum prefix length is 5 characters

Moderation and utility

The prune command

More moderation and utility commands
• Prune/purge command to mass delete messages
• More commands to come...



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Standard PUBG Companion

Default fixed role rating configuration

Default fixed stats background

Regular updates and new features

Standard Support

Invite the bot

PUBG Companion+


Premium isolated PUBG Companion+

Custom role rating configuration

Custom stats background

Custom bot prefix

Regular updates and new features

Premium Priority Support

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